If you achieved the dreams you set out for this year, please ignore but if you didn't not, please read.

Have you ever sat down to ask yourself questions like " what do I want out of life?
" will what I am doing currently take me to where I want to be in future?
" should I quit, change or put in more efforts?
"How long will I continue doing this before I get my the result I want?
If you are doing a particular thing and you are not excited doing it, it's better you quit. Save yourself the stress of going there every day. You don't have to be like people going to a 9-5 job everyday just because it's paying. Whatever you are doing
=love what you do
=be consistent
=encourage your self because you are your best motivation
Lastly, Fight for what you believe in. If you believe your business is worth fighting for, then fight for it. Never give up. The journey of a thousand mile begins with one step but how determined are you to reach your final destination, remember it's not by how far but how well, nobody wants to know how you started but how you ended.
Success does not go to those who pray for it but those who puts in efforts everyday. If you do nothing at all, at the end of the year, you will only realize that you have wasted your time, energy, finances and your efforts.
When you put your best into whatever you do, you will expect the best but when you put in small efforts or average efforts, you will get same. That is law of attraction. What you are comes to you so stop wishing for a miracle and do what you are supposed to do so that you'll get what you are supposed to get.
A word is enough for the wise