Still on the epic blog fight, a lot of people have been weighing on the matter and from the look of things, a lot of people are against Linda Ikeji.
Another person has joined the fight and she is Abacha’s daughter, Gumsu. She has responded to the battle among Stella DimokoKorkus and Linda Ikeji as she further asserted that the demon lives in Linda. This came after Stella DimokoKorkus called Linda Ikeji a sperm criminal and a substance cheat, who is utilizing other individuals to answer her. Stella had composed;
“Linda the snake,Why are you using other people to reply me? Talk to me directly and stop hiding.i see they are urging you to fight on. I may not be as rich as you claim to be but I don’t steal people’s sperm and I don’t go to peoples hotel room to steal stuff not given to them. I don’t lie on people and I don’t bad mouth people and put them on speaker the way you do your celeb friends and laugh at them. The people fighting for you did u tell them the reason you and I don’t talk? Sperm thief Content thief and the other one. Come out of your maternity leave and stop hiding. You stole my stories to build your blog. I couldn’t do anything and when it was too much I lifted your interview to show you how it feels but no u didn’t get the message becos it runs through you. I carried my kids in my womb and I know who their father is, and I am so proud of myself. Like I said you are small fry. #please reply again and I will get back to you if I am still less busy and if not I will reply you as soon as I can. #ole.”

Reacting to this, Abacha’s daughter Gumsu wrote; “@stelladimokokorkus hmmmm…. I like it when you keep your cool….. E be like say she really vex you this time….When you have a heart of stone only God can deliver you #Istandwithstella #thedevillivesinlinda”