The beauty of life, is the ability of every human to choose how to lay his or her bed. Come rain, come shine, as you prepare your bed, so shall you lie on it.

That many a person have not come to realize this eternal truth does not affect or reduce the pace with which the law of reciprocal action throws back at each and everyone of us, the rewards of what we sowed either consciously or otherwise.
Thus, if I am great today, I must have sowed it and if I'm not, my fault too!
A good understanding of this rule will wipe away all forms of jealousy, drastically reduce acts of wickedness and encourage love for one another in this life we live in.
Unfortunately, people are quick to quote the above law when karma or "bad fate" hits at their neighbours but seem to forget the golden rule when great things happen.
When a thief is caught, a criminal is convicted or a witch is hunted down, many shout "Kill Him! kill Her! Kill Them! After all, what you sow, you read!" but when great did is done or when a child turns great, same people forget that the child is reaping what it sowed.
Imagine if all those that condemn the wrongs of others should begin to commend the rights of their neighbours. Think of how great this world would be if everyone that shouts "kill the criminal" can equally shout "help the good guy".
... We would be living in a world more harmonious and peaceful than the present day crisis ridden society.
People will remind you of the law of sowing and reapping:
If you are born poor and your parents have almost nothing to eat;
If you go through school being beaten everyday because of school fees;
If your parents cry so often and most times go borrowing to pay your schools fees and get you food;
If at hardest of all times you drop out of school due to lack of funds;
If you begin hustling early in life in order to eat and keep the hope alive not minding your age and the communal crisis that abound.
You will be reminded of possible deeds of you, your parents and generations past that led to your "suffering"
No body will be jealous of you, no one, not the humans of today.
Through the trying times, you will develop a culture of persevering, learn to push till the end and grow into a comrade who never gives up or loses a battle... Then, they will come!
All those that reminded you of your "destiny" to suffer will come looking for favour and your neighbours; friends and colleagues will join them to ask for unthinkable from same you.
By then, no one will talk of your deeds, that of your parents and generations past that must have led to your greatness.
Next they will attempt to tell your story better than you... Telling the world how they helped you to success; how their handshake, greeting, advice and what have you, shot you to greatness!
And once you fail to acknowledge their "fake" stories or delay in fulfiling the unthinkable demand from all and sundry, you are in for troubles; jealousy, hatred and wickedness will begin to reign!
Such is life... That's the life of Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe, a view from a far!
Through the hard times, the young man conquered all obstacles to arrive great. From childhood through school into the street, it was all rough for him!
People laughed at him, mocked his future and never believed in his dream... Today, Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe is a Success Story, an inspiration to many!
Obidigwe's greatness is anchored on the skills he learnt during the dark years; his life of philanthropy and smartness.
As a progressive, his "suffering" inspired him to ensure that no young person suffers same fate, not when he can make it better.
Through, Chinedu Obidigwe Anambra Youths saw a brighter future... He proved that a young man can effectively deliver as a Local Government Chairman; he then proved that Youth Mobilization can change the lives of thousands of ndi Anambra!
Comrade Obidigwe proved that a youth can effectively advise a governor on politics and deliver 21-over-21... With other high performing young men in the government of Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State, Obidigwe proved that youth participation is the way forward and paved way for more young ndi Anambra in politics.
Today, Chinedu Obidigwe is being celebrated by many as Otimkpili; Aka Oma Jide Aku; Egbe Ana Agba Anyanwu; and as a Comrade!
Off course, the losers and lesser beings are not at home with his greatness, they either focus on his few weaknesses or take to gossip, rumour mongering and name calling... "He did this, he did that" and all sorts of unfounded allegations!
The truth remains that Comrade Chinedu Obidigwe has achieved greatness in his years of existence... He did 40 today!
Umunne m na ndi APGA, nekwanu Otimkpili!
Happy Birthday to you