Famous Author George Orwell once said "The people who elect corrupt politicians are not victims but accomplices.

" In another line of thought bad politicians are elected into office by very good people who choose not to vote.  In fact these bad politicians are not the problem,  it's the bad voters that keep electing them.

Talking of elections, we know they determine who has to be in power but the inefficiency is that they do not determine how this power is used.  It's not the voting that is democracy,  it's the counting of votes. The people who cast votes don't decide an election,  it's the people who count the votes that determine the election. Even the great America knows this fact!

Those with ideas have been denied the power,  those with power have no idea what to do.  Need I elaborate more on this?  No thank you!  Without informed voters, politicians will keep using the poor for photo opportunities without championing for any meaningful transformation.

We know 90% of politicians give the other 10% a bad reputation and this has led to a conclusion that the biggest problem with political jokes is that they get elected anyway. Not all eggs are bad.  In order to become a master they pose as servants and like Karl Marx observed " the oppressed are allowed every few years  to choose which particular representative of the oppressing class are to repress and represent them." Sad,  right?

We would all like to vote for the best man for the job but trouble is that he is never a candidate.  So many good people hiding.  People should never be afraid of its government,  governments should be afraid of their people.  It's a crime to lie to the government but if they lie to us through fake promises it's called politics. Fair?

The short memory of Nigerians  is what keeps some of these politicians in office.  It appears that the only thing we learn from new elections is that we learned nothing, totally nothing  from the previous elections.

Politics isn't dirty. Politicians are!