The coming of OBA Emilie Okika in the race to represent the amiable people of DNA is already transforming into a political revolution and one that will no doubt become a political reference point for years to come.

Political revolution is a fundamental and sudden change of the modus operandum. The way and manner that politics is being perceived in this part of the globe is undergoing a serious change with the emergence Chief Emelie Okika. The fact that he is single handedly sponsoring his campaign is completely new and strange and one that has already put to rest the fear and control of godfatherism.
There is hardly a successful politician today without a godfather but Oba Emelie has broken that stick and set the path of public driven representation where the people must be fully involved in the process. This has never happened.
The fact that he has never been in active politics before now and only declared his intention to run for House of Rep less than six months ago is in itself unthinkable going by the grounds he has covered so far. He is not only preaching about party survival but empirically implementing it.
Every party executive from the Ward to Local Government levels is being paid allowance and he has promised to double it and continue paying it if elected for the next four years that he intends to represent DNA.
He is also voting half a million monthly to the state secretariat of the party and made the executives to decipher that if all elected office holders vote a certain amount of cash according to the strength of their offices, there will be more than enough for the party to sustain itself and break away from the idea of giving the ticket to the highest bidder.
We are today witnessing in practical terms what we have been hearing and reading in text books. Those who bring about genuine political revolution are rare and come once in a while and at a time when the system is yearning for it. Oba Okika is without doubt a God sent in this constituency and indeed Anambra and Nigeria as a whole. What he has achieved so far is a political impossibility and such terms is only associated with those with the Grace of God to effect such change by defiling the existing path and setting a path of a new dawn that will become a reference point for many years to come.

This opportunity should not be allowed to pass this constituency. The party members, delegates and indeed the populace should seize this golden opportunity and ensure that this revolution under the leadership of Chief Oba Emelie Okika is sustained so that we can have a voice in the decisions that are being taken to decide the future of our children and generation yet unborn.