Do you remember all the sacrifices made to make our country better? Do you remember all the battles fought and won to earn our liberation. Have we forgotten how we stood as one in the face of adversity?

3 Millions laid down their lives for the liberation of our country. Thousands gave up the ghost to enable us live the life we enjoy now. As we celebrate this year of Independence, Let us remember to make a promise that we will always celebrate all the sacrifices and labours of our heroes past.

It is time to be happy and felicitate with one another. It is time to rejoice and bask in euphoria of the Independence day, It is also a time to reassure ourselves of a greater tomorrow, our longing for freedom is the peculiarity of Ndi Igbo, it makes us who we are, it defines us a unique people and that which Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu my beloved husband fought for was not in vane, it is not Uhuru yet!*

Happy Independence day...!
Long live Ndi Igbo