A Lagos based lawyer, Mr. Oluwatosin, has presented a damning evidence before the Court of National Adjournment, Abuja, proving that a serving Senator of the Federal Republic, Chief Hope Uzodimma is a fugitive and a suspect in an ongoing case in a Lagos High Court over financial crimes amounting to 200 Million Naira.

Mr. Oluwatosin who sought to be joined in a case before the FCT High Court, where Chief Uzodimma is praying to be declared winner of the botched governorship primaries of the APC in Imo State, argued that the serving Senator should be barred from seeking or holding any public office considering his infamous reputation as a fraudster, certificate forgery kingpin and electoral fraudster.

The lawyer also informed the court that a High Court in Lagos had issued a bench warrant on the embattled Senator and wondered why a Federal Government that prides itself as a fighter of corruption would continue to give protection to a man of such moral infamy. He argued that the court should rather be considering barring him from holding any public office in his lifetime as he is a bad influence to the society and projects Nigeria in bad light before the comity of democratic nations.