Miss Kamsi Ebunilo is a typical example of beauty and brains. The lady always radiates with happiness.
It is almost infectious, because, everyone that comes around her beams with a smile – even if they were in an accident.
The French language graduate from the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka would seem like an ordinary lady – a slay queen, even. However, there’s much more to her than a pretty face, tall frame, nice curves, and a great fashion sense. She’s an entrepreneur and a comedian.
In this interview, Miss Kamsi Ebunilo shares her childhood, motivations, aspirations and more.
Who is Kamsi Ebunilo?

Kamsi Ebunilo is a very care free, jovial individual whose goal is to leave everyone better than she met them.
I’m from Adazi Nnukwu in Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State. I grew up in Awka, but I’ve travelled to many parts of the country – and just a bit outside.
What was your Childhood like?
My childhood was fun. Granted, I had strict parents growing up – who didn’t though? Lol. But my brother and I still found a way to have fun regardless.
Where did you get your fashion sense from?
I watch a lot of fashion TV and Channel E. I love going to fashion shows and reading fashion magazines. Also, I love and love

 fashion forward individuals like Rihanna. She’s my style muse.

People call you a slay queen, what can you say about that?
The term “Slay Queen” has been given a negative meaning by Nigerians and the urban dictionary but I still like to take the term literally. 
A slayer is someone or something that kills. I kill. That is, I handle every challenge that comes my way like a Queen so I guess you can call me a slay queen, lol.

Why did you study French in school?
The truth is there is no deep meaningful reason like the ones my colleagues like to give. I simply chose French because no one else wanted to choose it. I always lovelove

going outside the box with everything I do.
How did a French graduate become an entrepreneur and comedian?
I have always been unintentionally funny (My close family and friends know this) and from day one I always wanted to be my own boss. Therefore, comedy and entrepreneurship came naturally to me. I am a born hustler.
What is Small legends all about?
It’s a Kids clothing brand that was founded on the principle that every kid is a Legend. Therefore all our pieces – Polo style shirts, T- Shirts, hoodies, joggers, gowns etc., are very unique. These kids are Legends in the making. It’s high time they started dressing accordingly.

Why did you choose to run a kid’s only 

First and foremost, I love kids. Kids are our future, our hope and our joy. Every parent, both rich and poor wants the best for their child and kids don’t have enough choices in the fashion world. We’re here to breach that Gap.

Is your comedy for children alone?
Of course not. Every child, lazy Nigerian youth, young adult and old adult can relate and understand our comedy. It has no age limitation.

So, what is Comedy wood?
Comedy Wood is a platform for all comedians both experienced and upcoming ones to express and showcase their God-given talents. We also release 

funny, relatable video skits (Across all social media outlets) every Thursday that features my humble self and other talented actors. 

Where do you see Comedy Wood in 3 years?
I hope to see Comedy Wood at the top of the comedy food chain. I hope to see and hear testimonies of talents that have been groomed by Comedy Wood in the spotlight and I hope Comedy Wood will play her part in taking the Nigerian Comedy Industry to its pinnacle.

Do you think the Comedy industry in Nigeria is great?
Yes, I must say it is. I’ve watched it grow and get better over the years, but like

everything in life there’s always room for improvement, and together, we can make it greater.

What are your expectations from Comedians and the audience?
I expect comedians to take their acts seriously, improve upon their work ethics and treat their fans with the respect they deserve. The audience on their part should support our home-groomed comedians and appreciate them when they do their thing, because trust me; it’s not easy to be funny.

What advice do you have for fellow upcoming comedians?
The only advice I can give is the one I was given. Be passionate about your art; keep

pursuing your dreams, put in the work and pray. Your dreams will come true someday.

Do you have any secret plans to blow our minds?
LOL. All I can say for the moment is that Nigerians and the world doesn’t know what’s about to hit them.
How can we contact Comedy wood?
Well, we have a good presence on social media. You can reach us via the following links:
Instagram: @thecomedywood
Facebook: Comedy Wood
Twitter: @thecomedywood
Youtube: Comedy Wood TV

That’s great! Thank you very much for your time. We expect to be blown off soon.