Nollywood actress Regina Daniels have been called by an internet troll on her Instagram page following the teen’s recent post.

The actor made a post which she captioned ‘Love me, love me’ on her Instagram page which she sprinkled with a stunning picture but a particular troll only found everything bad about the post. The disgruntled fan left a negative comment on the post which read, ‘you are worth no love.’
Angered by the post, Regina Daniels replied the troll and things got even messier.

Following the actor’s reply, fans on her page have been asking why celebrities only reply to negative comments while leaving out the nice ones. It was gathered that the post that led to the altercation attracted a plethora of commendable comments, over 1,750 as at the time of this post but she only close to reply the troll.
Nollywood actress Regina Daniels loves to confuse her fans and the media with her ambiguous photos and posts on social media, because of that, some of the most popular questions about Regina include ‘Is Regina Daniels married?’ and ‘Who is Regina Daniels husband?’ Today, we will set the record straight and answer these pressing questions about the young Miss (or is it Mrs?) Daniels. Be prepared to have your mind blown!
She was born o in Asaba in a family of another famous actress Rita Daniels. Even though at the moment Regina Daniels age is only 17, she has already starred in numerous movies, starting with Marriage of Sorrow. Moreover, while most of her peers worry about their future careers, young Regina has already built a solid foundation for herself. Apart from acting, she also produces movies and engages in charity work. At the age of 17, Daniels already has more than most adults could dream of.