A woman, name unknown, caused a bizarre scene today in Awka, Anambra State.

The woman, according to eye witness reports was spotted loitering along the Onitsha-Enugu expressway at about 12pm.

After about 2 hours, she ran into a speeding vehicle; the driver who showed great skill had expertly avoided hitting her, but she kept trying to get other cars to hit her.

The incident, which happened at Unizik junction, Awka had gotten the attention of motorists, passersbys, and a Nigerian Police Force patrol.

Kingsley, a witness says, "I came here to know the cost of roofing at Prime roof company here, but I heard people talking about this woman that was just walking up and down."

He seemed confused as he continued, "Later, we saw her in the middle of the road spreading her hands and trying to get cars to jam her."

Another witness says, "When I saw her at the middle of the road, I thought she had run mad so, I and other people were cursing whoever did this to her. However," She continued, "We found out later that she was trying to kill herself. She said that she's tired of living."

Men of the Nigerian Police Force allegedly suggested that she should be taken to a psychiatrist hospital, but when the crowd protested against the idea, they left in their Patrol truck.

The woman was later calmed, then she explained why she wanted to kill herself amidst tears.

Apparently, she had remarried 3 times. Her first and second husbands died. Now, she's in her third marriage, but crisis has hit her again.

She doesn't know the whereabouts of her family.

"Where's my husband?!?" She screamed. "Where are my 3 children?!" She continued.

"My husband's people have taken everything," She cried, "They want to kill me."

The distraught woman says that she is tired of life, and would like to end her misery by taking her life.

She is being taken care of by concerned Nigerians who volunteered to help protect the woman and look for her family.