Politics they popularly say is a dirty game but a few of us that have been opportuned to be in Nigeria's fastest growing political party, the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, have come to the realization that politics is as clean as other 7 subjects of social sciences but most times a set of players could be dirty.

Yes, just like economics, religion, sociology, philosophy, psychology, etc, politics is a neat game of interest that could help to change the narratives for any society to bring good governance to the people. Same way APGA has brought good governance to ndi Anambra and beyond.
However, same way we could get quacks handling the economy and sometimes dubious religious activities, so do we atimes have dirty men playing politics. And because politics is presently the vehicle used by our people to form a government and install leadership, the resulting casualty is usually huge and dirty.

In Nigeria today, one can experience the two types of politics; the ideal and the dirty i.e the APGA brand and others. Even the people of Anambra State have experienced two eras of clean and dirty politics. We can't forget the dark years when people were being killed and government properties being destroyed in the name of politics.
APGA may not have got as big as many lovers of democracy would have expected but the party is presently the best in terms of quality service delivery, good governance and youth involvement in decision making. Aside Anambra State, you can verify this from the areas in Bayelsa, Taraba, Abia, Kaduna and mostly recently Kano, under the leadership of APGA.
In readiness for the 2019 General Election, APGA is the only political party in Nigeria that has its processes for delegates and primary elections clearly spelt out and well publicised; to the extent that the opposition parties also have access to such information.
Truly, this is a clean way of playing the game of politics.
While other political parties, big and small, are enmeshed in secrecy and imposition of candidates, APGA maintains a very transparent process expected to produce the freest and fairest elections in history of Nigerian politics.
Same party, APGA is renowned for transforming once dirty politicians into the best leaders of our time and similarly a few politicians that jumped out of the party have become worst of leaders, the dirtiest politicians. Do a check of Imo State under APGA leadership and otherwise.
Why is it so? Because the APGA system does not permit dirty politics and just like the bottle washer in breweries, the system either cleans your dirt or throws you out as an uncleanable entity.
As a people that have experienced the worst form of politics, Nigerians believing in the internal democracy in APGA could be difficult until one experiences it, either directly or indirectly.
So, I urge all aspirants to forgo gossips, rumours and imaginations and face their campaigns.
Just as declared by Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State, who is the National Leader of the Party, "APGA Primary Election must be transparent, free and fair".
Only the popular aspirants with capacity will come out victorious.
Engr Ifeanyi ANIAGOH
The Digi-Priest