Former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (IBB), recently declared his support for the presidential ambition of Senate President, Bukola Saraki stating that the Kwara State born politician has the right tools to lead the country.

Babangida stressed that as a former Head of State  and one of those who fought for the Unity of Nigeria, Saraki’s candidacy appealed to him due to the senator’s focus on three major issues which are security, unity and the economy.

“You spoke of three important things that are very dear to me and those of us who fought to keep this country together, the issues which are unity, economic development and security,” Babangida said.

The former army general stressed that as a former governor and current senator, Saraki is primed to lead the country based on his track record of success.
You are much more than prepared because you have been a governor in a state, a legislator and a Senator.

You have been holding the Senate for the past three years very well and the Senate has been working very well under you. I’m, therefore, convinced that you have what it takes to be president,” Babangida concluded.