A crocodile has attacked and eaten a woman and her 5-month-old baby when she went to fetch water from a lake.

According to officials, the tragic incident happened in north-western Uganda.
“This is a situation where species often have to fight over natural resources – land and water – and many rural families don’t have access to running water at home.
“We are advising people to avoid areas where these man-eater crocodiles are,” Uganda Wildlife Authority, UWA, Spokesman, Bashir Hangi, said.
“Crocodiles stay in fish-breeding areas, but when the fish get depleted, they come on the surface and attack and eat humans,” Hangi said.
Efforts by other villagers to rescue the woman and her baby on the lakeshore proved abortive as the crocodile had already disappeared with her body in the water.
A 700-kilogramme crocodile which had killed and eaten five people over the past five years was captured on Saturday on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria, another UWA official, Peter Ogwang, said.
“The attacks by these animals are now increasing. Right now, I am in Ngoma [central Uganda] tracking down a crocodile which has eaten 32 goats in the village,” he said.