SIR EMEKA OBINWA, SINCE you lack respect for our very own DISTINGUISHED SENATOR DR MRS UCHE LILIAN EKWUNIFE Iyom Nri Kingdom, I will trow away respect so As To talk sense into your your skull

=I regret To write this in response to you Sir Emeka Obinwa.

*I used the Title "Sir" To Just show my deep sense of respect for Elders, If Not, I would opted for a word you that will be so dehumanizing because it seems To fit you*

Sir Obinwa,
Let me borrow your words *Envious,& Myopic*,
But permit me To State that *You As an Nri citizen, But an Ikenga Nri fanatic is the very MYOPIC ONE*

=Yes Emeka Obinwa, you Are the MYOPIC one.

=Nkakwaonwu, You Are so MYOPIC and Ungreatful to Have Not acknowledged & Appreciated Iyom Sen Dr Mrs Uche Lilian Ekwunife Iyom Nri Kingdom for Tarling the road that passed Through your House and made a stop at EBEDE

= Emeka Obinwa, *SHAME on You to speak evil of the Woman who made it Possible for your old volvo car Not to be pushed during raining season.

= Emeka Obinwa shame on for rubbishing the image of an Amazon, A Lady who blazed Through the rough waters of Green Chambers To Achieve what non other Person has Achieved.

*Let me refresh your memory may be you Have for gotten so soon*

=Flash BACK 2008/2009,
Emeka Obinwa what Was the state of the road that ran from Eke Nri Through my house at Agbadana Nri, upwards your own house and stopd at EBEDE?????

=Emeka Obinwa tell me the state of that road????

=Have you forgotten How we use To push your blue volvo car EachTime it rained????

=Emeka Obinwa,
Remember that some times we use To use wheel Barrow To push bags of cement up To your House from your car, When your House Was still under construction.

= *Emeka Obinwa, Yet Another Flash BACK*

= At EBEDE DURING IYOM'S second tenure house of Reps Campaingn under APGA.
*You Emeka Obinwa said and i Quote "Iyom Uche Ekwunife is nothing but a Blessing To Anaocha, Njikoka, Dunukofia Federal constituency, buy she is A BIGGER BLESSING TO NDI NRI. in other words,  SHE IS MORE THAN AN ASSET*

*_With this Nonsensical write up Against a Wonderful Woman who brought so Much To Development To ndi Nri and Ofcourse Anaocha, Njikoka, Dunukofia Federal constituency ;
*I Have understood better, This word Dim OJUKWU Called SABOTEURS*

= *Finally Let me ask you Emeka Obinwa, =Is it because you Are unable To manipulate your way into Senator Dr Mrs Uche Lilian Ekwunife's media????*

*_Onye fulu ajo ihe, kwuo n'obu ajo ihe. =Today my respect for You in Nri Kingdom Have reduced_*

*Waiting for your response sir =Ndi aaaaaala*

*Iam Akajinkpo na Nri*