BY LINE: Chukwuemeka Iheonunekwu.
Godwin Honukpe Hounzavi, 30, has been detained by the Police for over 9 weeks.

 He was a
house boy to Mr.Greg Obi, the Commissioner for local Government and Chieftaincy matters in
Anambra state.
Godwin, was accused of stealing an uncertain amount of money from his principal, Hon. Greg
Hon. Greg Obi, Commissioner for local government and chieftaincy matters

According to the motion filed by Chief Tony Dania ESQ, at the Magistrate’s Court in Awka,
Godwin said, “I stumbled upon so much cash in Dollars and Naira in one of the Rooms in my
Oga's house. I was scared it might be ritual money. I told my co-workers and I ran away.”
Mr. Greg Obi, it was alleged, does not know the exact amount of money in his house.
Barrister Tony Daniel
He only
suspected that Godwin connived with other members of his domestic staff to steal from his
stock-pile of cash. He got the Applicant arrested and detained since early July 2018.
Godwin was first detained at Alagbon by the Police at Interpol with his legs chained and locked
like a serial murderer who was arrested at the scene of a murder incident. He has been denied
access to his relations and previous Lawyers.
After being served with a letter of protest by Chief Tony Dania, renoun, respected, reputable
right activist, and Probono Lawyer based in Lagos, Godwin was moved to Anambra State Police
Command headquarters, Awka.
“The allegation against Godwin is stealing, which is ordinarily bailable, yet, for over 9 weeks now,

                                  Goodwin Honukpe   Hounzavi Femin, detained since early July 2018

he has been detained by the Police, without bail and without being charged to Court, obviously,
because of the status of the Complainant, who ought to have been investigated by the EFCC for
stock-piling cash in his house,” says the Barrister.
The Barrister followed the case from Lagos to Awka. He filed a motion at the Magistrate’s court,
Awka, dated 11-09-18; praying the Court to grant the following orders:
1. An order directing the Anambra state commissioner of Police in Awka, or any Police officer
acting in his stead, to produce the applicant in court.
2. An order granting bail to the applicant on liberal terms.
3. And for such other order(s) as the court may deem fit to make in the circumstances.
The motion shall be heard on Friday, 14-09-18.