1. DROP THE BOSSLADY ATTITUDE: there is a difference between been a boss lady and making a fuss about it. You are independent, you have a job,you pay your bills,you have a car of your own,fine,that's all good but if you want a ring on that finger,you have to put all that aside and be ready to submit to a man. He wants a wife not a co-husband. Two captains cannot sail a ship.

Funny enough, some other girls don't have shi-shi, they don't have shimgbam anywhere, they can't even boast of a healthy 20k of their own, they will be screaming "BOSSLADY" all in the name of packaging.. That packaging will only earn u more days in your father's compound.
2. DRESS DECENTLY: my sister you can still cover those flesh and still display those curves and hips. Putting out those cleavages on display will only get u more "boyfriends" and increase the number of your Ex'es..
Ofcourse, The man will come for those hot laps he saw through the transparent gown you wore but he won't stay...
Your mini skirt will get him for the night,but he will still go back to that decently dressed girl he saw in a friend's birthday party. You are addressed by the way u dressed!
3.QUIT CLIQUE: what have you benefited from that clique of yours?....must the four of you be seen every time and everywhere?,they won't even give u space for a man to access and interact with YOU one on one.. What's the objective?.. Are u guys a non governmental organization (N.G.O)?
There is an impression girls with a particular clique always give out to men subconsciously.. He will always wonder why are u guys always together, and I'm sure if he ask you, you won't provide him with any meaningful answer.
I'm not saying u shouldn't keep friends o,but sometimes u need to walk alone,every woman (including virgin Mary) that an angel appeared to in the Bible was alone,on her own. Clique always influence one's opinion and lifestyle.. They want to choose everything for u.. They will always tell u to forget him that you guys are single and strong!..
Anyway it's all good sha,but if u want to get a ring on that finger, you already know what to do.
4. MIND THE "IMAGE" YOU PUT OUT THERE: mind who and what is always on your pictures. It's not every car that u enter that u will snap and upload o!...,is not every party or club u went to that u will snap pictures and upload..what impression are u trying to give?,that you are a tourist?..
And stop uploading pictures of u and a particular boy that nothing is going on between you two,with that you are scaring away other men with better plans.. your image has alot to say about your personality..protect it well.
5. ENGAGE YOUR SELF: stop lazying around, find something and be doing. Stop staying at home, are u not tired?..
when you engage your hands with something, you engage your mind too,and will give u less time for shitty things. If you can't find something that will be giving you small money, find something that will give u joy.
in the holy books,Boaz saw Ruth at the field where she is working!, Join your church choir, join a computer class, go to your mother's shop and help her out,.go learn a skill,just start something!, get busy!!,..with that a man will see u as an asset and not another liability!