Nigerian Actors Bloggers Film Makers Skit Runners is Celebrating Their Birthday today so they decided to use medians to tell the world,  their  friends and family how happy They are, how proud they are with the people that remembered them today the people that wishes them well, that God Almighty will bless them Amen.    Peter and Paul Nwankwo (P.Figure) To me they are exceptional Sweet Guys with bright future, fun to be with. They looks stunning.

They wrote this:
Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.
I love you all for wishing us well

                                                       WHAT THEY WISHED THEMSELVES  

Lord thank you for all you have done in OUR life .WE appreciate your caring and the joy you brought into OUR life .I ask you Lord to continue to bless US. If not you, no one else!
Happy birthday to me