Our fathers say 'why we give a child a piece of meat and then turn back to plead the child to give us a little, it is to confirm if the child is stingy or generous otherwise a man do not need to plead with his child to give him back what he had given him'

In today's world elections are done periodically so that the electorates can take their pound of flesh on the leaders. Yes if a man wins election and heads to government house riding like a bicycle man who after been helped will always say thank you by showing his bootucks. Just four years after he will turn back to seek help again. Then the electorates will remind him that a man who killed his 'dibia' forgot that his enemies have not finished.

In the legendary tales of our people a mother sheep taught her children to learn from experiences of others. Again our elders ask does a stick hit a wise man in the eyes twice??? Ndi Anaocha,Njikoka and Dunukofia Federal Constituency  we have enough experiences to avoid the stories that touch the heart. In our hands today lies our fate.
Do we continue in the old bus without description which only the driver and his blessed knows its destination or do we join the PUBLIC DRIVEN REPRESENTATION bus where collectively we decide the description and the destination?

Shall we continue to live on the peanuts from our common wealth and chorus 'thank you Hon' for giving us a little of what is ours or do we EMPOWER ourselves and take our destiny and wealth in our own hands?

If it takes only election period for us to be remembered then a day shall come when we will never be remembered again. Before they will deject and abondon us let's make our choice and firmly affirm that power belongs to the people and set standard for our leaders.

In OBA EMELIE OKIKA lies our hope for better representations. OBA EMELIE OKIKA has come prepared, willing and able. Through his town hall meetings and visits OBA EMELIE OKIKA has shown us the leader in him. Yes his divine touch of blessings has continued to redirect the leader/follower relationship in Anaocha,Njikoka and Dunukofia Federal Constituency yet as we enjoy the gifts may we never forget the man who made things happen. I  make bold to remind us that only a good leader's emergence can bring his people good tidings. *If his declaration is this sweet imagine the honey we will have in his leadership.*

Lets be firmed like our elders to hide the stone with which we break palm nuts from the greedy child instead of allowing the child we thought how to eat palm nuts to eat more than us.