Tam David-West says there is serious disenchantment in
Nigeria but that Buhari can salvage the situation

- David-West warns Buhari against believing that he cannot
be defeated in 2019
- He, however, says the president has more advantages
because the other parties are yet to reach concrete
A former petroleum minister and bosom friend of
Muhammadu Buhari, Tam David-West, has urged the
president to seek re-election in 2019, but should not
believe he cannot be defeated in the exercise.
David-West, who confess that he remains a die-hard
Buharist, warned the president not to believe those
giving him hope that nobody can defeat him.
In an interview with The Guardian, David-West
lamented the many problems facing the country
currently but said the president can make impact in
few months and make the people clap for him.
He, however, maintained that there is serious
discontentment in the land and said this can be
changed if the right things are done.
“Mr President can make impact in few months that people will
clap for him. He stands a chance, because all those against his
second term do not have alternative yet. That is in his favour.
“There is discontentment in the land no doubt, but can you
change this condemnation to commendation? You can if you do
the right thing, but some of these things take time to mature.
Can people still vote for him?
“I heard someone say that you cannot defeat Buhari and I said
no. The probability is that they will still vote for him. People are
“I am a diehard Buharist, but I cannot close my eyes and my
conscience to admit there is not a lot of suffering. And
something should be done about it. Don’t believe your people
who say nobody can defeat you. As you can win, so can you be
“I read in the papers some people saying nobody can defeat him.
By saying that, you are not helping him. Any politician going to
polls either wins or loses. So, if you say nobody can defeat you
then there is no point for election.
“You are elected to change and you can do the change. He made
a mistake in the first four months. The mistake is what is
haunting his government.
“The people, who he surrounded himself with, now cabals are
not working in his interest. I told him before his wife went to the
press, that the people are working against him,” he said.
He added: “But, I want him to contest, because by our
constitution, he has the right to contest and sentimental too. He
suffered a lot to b elected
“I have never joined any political party, but I support principles
and persons. I do not see anybody in the political terrain that
can contest against Buhari on moral turf. That is his greatest
asset. Buhari is clean and upright.
“I cannot say that of any politician. All of them who are saying
he should not re-contest are not better politically and on a
moral turf. None of them can contest integrity with him.”