I met a graduate today who was my *senior prefect* in secondary school days.
I met him in a restaurant sobbing while eating.
I was moved towards him for I was able to recognize him and I asked him sir,
*"what the matter?, "* and he replied, "so it's true that ones *certificate may* or *may not* give him job unless if you have *long legs* even at that *"' and that's why you see me here where I pound FUFU (akpü) for my maximum weekly pay of *#3,000 only* as a *PLAN B* or *SECOND OPTION*

More baffling stories of his life to be told for he has tested the other side of the world after his *GRADUATION* and done with his *NYC*
and he finally joined our company *AIMGLOBAL* today as a better *PLAN B*
After this school life which is very interesting and done with tour *NYS*, then you will notice that there is another world outside there.
*AIMGLOBAL* is still a company for a *lifetime INVESTMENT* as far as investment is concerned and its better cued in now *while you're still in school* with only *#38,000*