From what I see today in Nigeria I am very certain that Muslims would not need to use a violent Jihad to islamize Nigeria.
CHRISTIANS themselves will be used by Muslims to islamize Nigeria. Just ask yourself how Muslim nations became Islamic nations? Is there any record of them doing evangelistic work? Did they tell people about how wonderful their prophet Mohammed is?
How he raped women?
How he beheaded nine hundred Jews in one day?
How he had sex with a nine year old girl?
How he was demon possessed for one year? How he could not perform a miracle?
How he is a prophet without a prophecy?
How he sold slaves for weapons of war?

If MUSLIMS did not do evangelism how come there are 58 nations of the world today avowedly ISLAMIC countries? Including countries that used to be Christian countries.They used greedy pastors and stupid Christians. The ones they call the USEFUL IDIOTS.
The Bible says, when men slept. These same CHRISTIANS were the ones that told us the elections had nothing to do with religion.
*News flash! Buhari just registered Nigeria in the Islamic coalition against terrorism led by Saudi Arabia. The very same Saudi Arabia that is the chief sponsor of Islamic terrorism. What an irony!*
*Newsflash! The first major conference Buhari would bring to Nigeria is the INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC CONFERENCE . A conference that "PASTOR" vice president cannot attend*
While 'clueless' GEJ was convening INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC CONFERENCE at a time of plenty; Buhari is convening ISLAMIC CONFERENCE at a time of economic crisis. Now you see where his priority lies
*Newsflash! Muslims are now using El Rufai in Kaduna as a test case to see how they can stop CHRISTIANS from preaching the gospel, not even for you to listen to a gospel message in your car. Who knows they might even ban gospel music*
*Newsflash! Other northern states are copying Mr El Rufai's law*
*Newsflash! Fulani herdsmen are sacking Christian villages in the north*
*Newsflash! Ambode sealed over twenty churches in Lagos for noise pollution. Not one Allahu Akbar morning yelling mosque was sealed. Ambode is supposedly a Christian remember? What do Muslims call them again? Something like useful Idiots*
*Newsflash! The chapel at Aso Rock has been shut down and guess who had to explain to CHRISTIANS? Yeah our very own Pastor vice president. Again, another major very useful Idiot Whom they used to get the Christian votes*
*Newsflash! The only minister to have died under Buhari happens to be a Christian Apologist. I mean a strong defender of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Somehow all the safety features in the car suddenly stopped working. Not one airbag deployed. Remember this is a Federal Minister riding in a very expensive car fitted with the best safety features. Did I also mention that the driver did not die? He was strong enough to pull out the body of the minister. Is okay?I hear many Christians say it is impossible to islamize Nigeria. The Question is, If they try it today will you pick up arms? What are you doing to make sure it does not happen?
*Newsflash! A bill to have grazing land all over Nigeria sent by the govt had passed the second reading and there is every possibity that the bill will pass as most southern christian legislators have been compromised*
Get ready for Fulani muslim communities to be established in our christian communities. Between christians and muslims who is likely to change his or her religion?
The christians, because we are not strong in faith and it is a death sentence for a muslim to change to Christianity or any other religion. Many christians will be lured with money to change to Islam and by boyfriend girl friend and inter-marriage.
Remember, the project is being sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Nigerian govt.
Therefore, money to convert christians to muslim will not be a problem. Please don't tell me you can never be lured with money. It has already started in Imo and Ebonyi states.
Heaven is a witness u received this message. Forwarded as received.