The popularity of Chief Kevin Onyema,(Ichie CHINAEMEZE), Ezechidobere 1 of umuona, is spreading like a harmattan wide fire in the entire Anambra south senatorial zone. Anyone who takes time to conduct an extensive research on his personality, Will bear witness to the incontroverible fact, that he has all it takes to take Aguata II constituency to the next level. Chief Kevin Onyema, is an entrepreneur who is imbued with great leadership qualities. He is a successful industrialist ,and evidence from history has shown that entrepreneurs, most especially industrialists, make good leaders, the former governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi is good example. Entrepreneurs are innovators, goal getters, who think out of the box always, and are very prudent in management of resources. Furthermore, he was the former PRO of Nigerians resident in China, therefore he is vast in international relations and diplomacy. Such skills are needed in legislative business, where lobbying and Negotiation skills is a prerequisite. Chief Kevin Onyema, has many Non -Governmental organizations (NGOs).Anybody who runs NGO is a resource person. In the case of Chief Kevin Onyema, he is a resource person, vast in issues such as :good governance, leadership, Entrepreneurship, skill acquisition, women and youth empowerment. Consequently if elected as a legislator, he will organise so many step down training on the people of his constituency on these issues, which he already has the capacity ,and also he is equally a social crusader and founder of many online platforms on the social media. He is therefore a good communicator, a skill that is very essential for community mobilization and sensitization. Finally, Chief Kevin Onyema is an igboist, consequently he is vocal on issues as it affects Ndigbo, both in Nigeria and diaspora. To this effect, he has thrown weight behind the call for restructuring of Nigerian state. At Lagos, he is one of the Igbo stakeholders, that negotiated with Yoruba leaders in order for Igbos residence in Lagos, get their own quota in politics that reflects the population of Ndigbo at Lagos. Together let us support this ijele masquerade to take Aguata II constituency, to the next level. The eagle has landed