Have you registered for the Mentoring Moment with Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah?

*Billionaire Oil Magnet, Philanthropist & Politician, Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah set to Mentor over 1000 Nigerian Youth in Awka. - by Tobenna Obiano.*

Africa’s populous author - Chinua Achebe of the blessed memory almost three decades and half ago wrote a book, “The Trouble With Nigeria”, where he chiefly centered our troubles to basically be that of misleadership. This is so true!

It’s become very worrisome, sad and simply shameful that nearly 40years after the book was published, Nigeria still suffers from misleadership, where it’s even become on a higher scale and worse proportion.

The world accepts that if the future would be built, the youth must be built. If the future must be saved, the youth must be saved. Education becomes an integral part that plays a pivotal role. If the Nigerian youth get sound and quality education, then the path becomes clear to building a futuristic nation for generations to come.

Educating the youth for a prosperous future may only become possible where the present generation dedicates more time to doing things aright, those that would favor and propel that very education for a secured future. It again comes in many forms, aside formal, the basic of mentorship is not only a powerful tool, but extremely important too.

Often times, mentors, models and positive breeders are found lacking in Nigeria. Many young people fail to see those who they look up to as their mentors or models. They fail to see those who have excelled and reached the heights that endears or charms them to follow same path. This is why many young people fall by the roadside unguarded and unguided.

Mentoring the youth is particularly important for the future. In the Western world, the many likes of Andrew Carnegie and Warren Buffet are entrepreneurs who have mentored many. In politics, they’ve Abraham Lincoln and Angela Markel, in ICT - Bill Gates and Mack Zukerberg, in religion - Pope John Paul II and Bishop TD Jakes. In medicine - Dr. Ben Carson. As humanitarian - Mother Teresa of Calcutta, for Girl-child rights - Malala Yosoufzazi and the list goes on.

The western world has a pool of progressive-minded youth populace who have many successful persons that mentor them and that share their life experience with others, maybe even by their autobiographies or time to teach. The Nigerian society seems to be a ridiculous joke. The many who may claim to have excelled have no descriptive path of how they attained greatness. Even those who do, many haven’t shared it in any public domain, forum or fora. Here comes an amazing opportunity.

The stage is set for a firsthand mentoring moment. The city of Awka, the Anambra State Capital is ready and the many willing Nigerian youth are ready to converge in Awka for one of a kind moment with one of Nigeria’s most successful entrepreneur, oil magnat and philanthropist. Young people would gather to learn from his wealth of knowledge and his well of experience.

This morning, my reminder popped up, it was to put me on notice of the forthcoming convoco of like minds, a union of readied and willing young persons from within and outside Anambra State and Igboland who would be turning up in Awka to be mentored, tutored and guided on the path of rise in life, the narrow path from grass with grace through glory to greatness.

The Anambra State Government had instituted the Digital Entrepreneur office, which is been headed by Engr. Ifeanyi Aniagoh who formerly was the Governors aide on Social Media where he became a peakperformer. He has since moved miles ahead, even within so short a time to breath-in freshness and fresh air upon the DigiPrenuership which he handles.

Mr. Aniagor has exhibited a genuis approach in his works, including adding mentoring moments, which would be featuring high flying achievers from across board on a monthly basis.

In the debut edition, the CEO of Stanel World - Mr. Stanley Uzochukwu was featured where he did wonders. This time, the second edition is featuring another one so young, full of energy, zeal, push and hunger for industry and excellence - Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil & Gas. In the coming editions, even more progressive minds including Mr. Tony Elumelu of Heir Holdings and UBA Groups, and also, the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji are future hopeful guests.

In barely one week time, the venue of the event - Stanel World would be filled to the brim, as young people would gather to listen to firsthand teaching and mentorship from a man who has seen it all - in business, in travails, in politics and from many fronts. It’s more like an insider account, coming directly from the horse’s mouth; in this case, the horse is Ifeanyi Ubah!

Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who combines in near-perfection, the personalities, charism, carriage and charisma of some of the world greatest minds became able to ascend to an enviable height, not from wishful thinking, but from this charming drive, dedication, determination, discipline and as much as he could, he kept aside the foreseeable distractions. Those were the lead to his attaining the glorious heights where he’s gotten now.

Ubah combines beautifully a seemingly replica of American Caesars touch of class; Obama’s audacity and fearlessness jointly with Trump’s street credibility intertwined with capacity. He surely has a lot to tell and teach the youth.

In search of a mind who would guide and guard our youth aright to the path of glory, daring for the skies, pushing to soar and excel, the person of Ifeanyi Ubah comes to mind. This meeting and public lecture series therefore promises to be a moment when the people, majorly the young would gather to learn, to gauge their past, weigh the present and plan ahead for the future.

The organizers of this event has done a wonderful job by making it abundantly clear that this isn’t a political rally or get-together, but an avenue to teach young people even within a troubled Nigerian society, with a true life experience of individuals to what heights they can attain if they dare. Dr. Ubah therefore represents the apostle of that light, in its truest form.

Anambra is ready. Igboland is ready. Nigeria would collapse in Awka to witness and listen to this mentor, chosen from amongst us.

At this juncture, may I use this singular medium to invite as many young people who are willing to come and learn from this true Igbo son, an outstanding Anambrarian, a patriotic Nigerian and an African man with eyes on the goal, always. Let’s come and listen and become mentored.

The speaker remains none other but the indefatigable Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who’s the Chairman/CEO - Capital Oil & Gas, the President - Ifeanyi Ubah Football Club and the Proprietor Authority FM & Newspaper.

Ifeanyi you can trust, he promises to do a great job. He would surely deliver. Get ready, take-over and be mentored.

Date: Monday, August 27, 2018
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Stanel World, Awka, Anambra State.

This might be the turning point. Attendance and admission is free!

Tobenna Obiano

*Register at www.digipreneurhub.com*