What is Jesus saying to Christians in Nigeria? What actions should we take - Spiritually and physically? If our enemies have called on the Arab nations to get rid of the church in Nigeria, have we called on any Christian nation to help us out while we are praying? *We need you to do what Queen Esther did for the Jews!* She said, *"if I die, I die!"* But she did not die!! She demanded for a fast amongst all the Jews. The table turned round. *Go and defend the LIVES of CHIRSTIANS in NIGERIA; Meet Buhari and Osibanjo; Demand for a 3days or 7days or 40days fast of all Christians in Nigeria and diaspora!* The I Am that I Am will turn the table - just like in the Bible time. *Nigeria's case will be different from other countries' where Christians were wiped out!!* Get this message to the Moses' and Aarons of Nigeria before 12 hours of its reaching you! Pass it on to all your Christian contacts and, the angel of death will pass over all such Christians in Nigeria. This message is powered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.