THINK ABOUT THIS; please read this carefully with patience and see reason.

Why Do we feel sleepy in Prayer,
But stay awake through a 3 hour movie?
Why are we so bored when we read the Bible,
But find it easy to read other books?
Why is it so easy to ignore a msg about God,
Yet we forward the funny ones?
Why are Prayer houses getting smaller,
But bars and clubs are expanding?
Why is it so easy to worship a celebrity,
But very difficult to engage with God?
Think about it, are you going to forward this?
Are you going to ignore it, because you think you will be laughed at?
Forward this to all your friends.
80% of you won't forward this.
God said:
If you deny me in front of your
friends, I will deny you on the day of judgement:
When one door closes,God opens two :
If God has opened doors for you, send this message to everyone including me....
God has no BLACKBERRY but He's my favorite contact ... !!
He is not on FACEBOOK but He is my best friend .... !!
He is not on TWITTER but I still follow Him .!!
& even without the INTERNET I am always connected to Him .....!!
He is not on WHATSAPP but He's always online .....!!
Forward this if God is being good to you.
I have started mine with u.