Dear Vice Vice Chancellor,

Let me start by acknowledging the hard work you have put in the past 4years of your Administration. The University has made significant progress under your watch. I wish to stress that your legacies should be sustained.
Concerned students are very perturbed by the continuous negligence, lack of knowledge, and obvious incompetence some of the medical staff, a great majority of them. This has led to many deaths and very recently now, the one of a final year student of MCB. Francis would have been alive and this letter will be absolutely unnecessary if the University under your watch takes proactive steps before now by training and retraining of medical staff, equipping the place with facilities and taking students health issues, as well as other issues seriously, instead of paying lip service.
In leadership Mr. Vice Chancellor, you do not always rely on what your field marshals tell you. Sometimes, come down from your olympus mountain and hear, see, experience for yourself the complains of the Students. Stop shielding yourself from the students, you are their Vice Chancellor, their father. A lot of sycophants are hovering around you. Identify them and get rid of them.
To help assuage the students, you must as a matter of fact and urgency listen to the students three key demands:
1. Change the Dean Student Affairs, Prof. Udedi Stanley for his dictatorial approach to issues,
unprofessional method of handling students issues, poor approach and understanding of students issues and his poor management style. He is one of the sycophants you have.
2. The staff in the medical center should compulsorily be trained and retrained. They should be knowledgeable in modern methods of handling health challenges of patients.
3. The Medical Director, doctors and nurses on duty on that day should be placed on a compulsory leave without pay.
Let me also draw your attention also to the growing insecurity in the campus and its environs. Students are randomly robbed while going for night class. The security unit too needs an overhaul.
This matter of students protest have drawn wide genuine interest from within and outside. To help resolve this issue, dissociate yourself from NANS Anambra State that is populated by non students. They are greedy, hungry and opportunist. Engage the students for they are the most aggrieved.
In concluding, let me say that we have seen the reactive measures you took by forming a committe to investigate the death. We fear for the credibility of the report as these are staff of the University. The said Director of Sports have in time past shown he's very incompetent to handle that office. Independent persons should be in the committee too to strike a balance.
This matter should be resolved soon because the students will not rest until they get justice for the death of their fellow.
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