The Nigerian govt. have decided to establish cattle colonies in every state of the country. Each colony will be five thousand hectares of land(5,000). This will be for fulani herdsmen. Do you know that :

(1) 1 hectare is a football field.
(2) 10 hectares is one square kilometer.
(3) 100 hectares is 10 square kilometers.
(4) 1,000 hectares is 100 square kilometers, ie 100,000m by 100,000m. And now >👉 (5) 5,000 hectares is 500 square kilometers, ie 500,000 m by 500,000m. This is a stretch of 25 kilometers by 20 kilometers of land mass. This is the kind of land mass they want for the fulani colonies. Imagine parts of the land stretching from Njaba to Obinze; Egbu FRSC junction to Mbieri towards Nwaorieubi to join Njaba and environs.

Do you know that many local Governments land mass in Nigeria are smaller than one colony?. In fact almost every local government in the South south,south East, and South west is smaller than one colony.
So they want to establish one Fulani local Govt Area in every state of Nigeria.
Do you know that there is only one (1) cattle colony in the whole world? It is in Pakistan, near the town of Karachi.
Nigerian Landmass = 923,
Proposed Cattle Colony = 10,000hectares/State + FCT = 37
Colony = 370,000hectares
Me: so technically they want to give Fulani Herdsmen killers 1/3 of Nigeria
These people are yet to tell us their plans.
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