In the wake of senseless killings and violence in Nigeria, BBnaija’s former housemate Ifu Ennada has taken it upon herself to post a very cryptic video of herself under attack while lying on the Nigerian flag.
This is a message to the presidency and other citizens to rise up and take preventive steps against the current happenings in our land instead of paying condolence to families of affected victims as is now the routine.
More celebrities including other individuals have jumped on this trend, to make their videos while there will be a protest in Abuja on Wednesday July 4th 2018.
A filmmaker and creative artiste Niyi Akinmolayan brought about this movement. The wedding party 2 director on his Instagram page @niyi_akinmolayan has put up how to go about creating obscure visuals like this, urging every Nigerian to make their own videos using the #ENOUGH IS ENOUGH #BLOOD ON THE FLAG to demand for justice.
Ifu wrote on Instagram:
My name is Ifu Ennada and I could be a victim.
Evil people prevail when Good people do nothing.
Our dear Country Nigeria is in pains no thanks to multiple terrors inflicted on her by a variety of soulless people, but enough is enough!
We need everyone to come together and fight the evil in our land. From the presidency to the man on the street, we need to fight this evil!
We need the government to take precise measures against these gruesome killings in our land. We’re tired of hearing “accept my condolence” and other cliche sentences with no action to back them up.
Enough is enough! (Update: Checkout my last post to see how you can create your own videos and join this protest)

Back when I was a child, I had the opportunity to leave Nigeria for several acclaimed “greener pastures”…but I decided I’d grow up in my country and try to be one of those inspiring positive change because I always chose to see Nigeria as what she truly is – beautIFU.

I loved Nigeria that much and I haven’t stopped loving her, thats why I’ve decided to use my capacity as an actress and celebrity to join this protest and add my voice against the evil in the land. —

I nominate everyone reading this to get creative and join this online #EnoughIsEnough protest that precedes a protest that’d happen in Abuja on July 4th. Expect to see more videos from other people today.

 Divided we fall but united we stand! Let’s do this for Naija! Thanks to @niyi_akinmolayan for this movement.