By Ify Aronu
So I had a most remarkable outing today at the DigiPreneur training session held at Stanel World, Awka.
Here What She Wrote I can't recall when last I attended such an engaging and immersive training programme. The world class trainers were super.
Doing what he does best, Mr. Peter Oluka, the CEO of Tech Economy exposed on the entails of gaining publicity for start-ups. I grabbed a couple of things from his presentations: the importance of proper content development, branding, early media relations, networking and being relevant/ outstanding. I can't thank him enough for being a fantastic trainer, every word sank in to the extent that I am regurgitating all this without as much as a glance through my notes. Let me also take call my Professor Chinyere Stella Okunna's notice to this, Mr Oluka said he wished he had the chance to sit under your tutelage. That was the major reasons why I enrolled for MSc at Unizik. I wanted to have the rare opportunity to boast someday that I was your student, Ma. I really felt for Mr. Oluka when he sais that though.
All thanks to the CEO of DigitalPRwire/ KairoswebTV, Mr Celestine Achi, too loaded with all the right information. Nigeria is blessed to have you in it, sir. Wow. So I can now create a website without breaking the bank!!! Come on, let's give him a rousing applause.... Yeah the man is amazing. What didn't he touch on? From giving us the rare chance to work with his great brand as affiliated social influence teams on a revolutionary campaign to end sexual harassment (which you will agree is very critical) to teaching us to create SEO optimized content and then hash tagging for super impact. And then again, the importance of visibility, interaction and engagement. Sir, I wont forget, it was a key word that merits being one of the hash tags for this piece.... For real! And his approach to teaching was everything, the questions kept coming, that was interaction and engagement in real time practice and I caught it.
I wont stop swiping across my "golden phone screen" without thanking the man who made it happen, the visionary Honourable Ifeanyi Aniagoh. For all the things you said today, too numerous to mention, for standing to be counted for this just cause of tech emancipation for Anambra youth, for putting this massive event together, for putting Anambra on the world map for the right reasons, for everything you do, there's no thanking you enough but thank you so much, you are the pride of Anambra and we celebrate you.
#DPweek2018 edition ends tomorrow. If you are young and in Anambra, don't be found anywhere else, don't be left behind. Be there... at Stanel World, Awka to have your fair share of tech empowerment. If you do, you will write your own epistle like I just did. Trust me... Be there.
...No apologies for the long read... guys, I'm excited!!! Yay!

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