Security Tips
Pls pls and pls read these tips carefully and be very cautious.
Here are latest ways to dupe people and get innocent people into trouble

1) fake pastors are now walking all over the place.
They stop you and pray for you. Whilst praying they see a vision. (Usually they are scaring) They ask you to buy this and that and before u know it. You part with a lot of money and they rule your life.
Whenever you see these so called men of GOD, take to your heals and run away.
You will meet them in the buses, walking on the street and just anywhere.
2) You will see a young boy or girl crying on the street pretending he/ she have lost money. Pls don't stop to help.
As soon as you do some gangs will surround you and the child will say he worked for you and you have refused to pay him.
Before you know it you are beaten or to avoid that, you will part with several thousands of Naira.
3) Never allow a stranger be it in a party or church to use your phone to make a call.
That call can get you to jail. Yes i said JAIL.
Its usually a network of kidnappers and thieves.
They call their own handset and when caught your number is traced and police invite you before you know it, Na wahala .
4) Never be too quick to assist a stranger. Especially in an isolated area. They could be kidnappers .
They ask you to help with an address they are holding. Whilst trying to read the address you would have sniffed a chemical and become drowsy. You get into their vehicle and you are gone for life.
5) Never give alms to just anyone without praying on the money. Some of these people begging for alms are witches or spiritualist. Be careful of whom you give money to personally.
6) Don't allow strangers into your home at this season.
Be careful of the new workmen you bring into your home. Be careful of the new friends your children bring home especially when festivities are fast approaching.
7) Always insist that every family member MUST inform others of each others movement at all times especially our children. Addresses and phone numbers of friends being visited must be given to older members of the family especially parents, especially if you don't know those friends or their parents.
8) Whenever you take a ride in an Uber or taxify send the details of the cab and driver to a family member or trusted friend.
Don't allow strangers call an Uber or taxify for you. They could call you a kidnapper and you could be kidnapped.
9) Don't allow any police or group of people ask you to take one way on the pretext that the road ahead is blocked resulting to a diversion.
Its a set up. Law enforcement agent will be hiding at the opposite end. You will be arrested, humiliated and over 100,000 will be collected from or you end up in jail and your car is seized.
10) Never allow Police Men into your vehicle especially if you are stopped at night or in an area that is not too busy.
These so called policemen are fake.
If you must, tell them you will have to take a picture of the policeman. His vehicle and particularly his number. Once they refuse. Pls refuse to enter they vehicle.
Phone someone who will be listening to your conversation.
Pls hope you will pass these information to family and friends.
Be warned don't be a victim. I pray that God protection will NOT depart from us and our household.