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Chidinma Ekile needs no introduction in the music industry. Since winning Project Fame West Africa, she has risen to become a star in the music industry. An accomplished entertainer, she spoke with us about her music, love and more.

 There is something different about your new song ‘Yanga’, tell us about it?
I tried not to sound the regular way. In my old songs, I was a bit laid back, but now I am saying show me off. The song is about a girl telling her lover to show her off.
 Was it about you?
 It is not my experience. It is what the song said. I don’t like public display of affection.
 What inspired the change in music style?
 Inspiration is diverse. It comes from life and every other thing around me.
 What other songs have you recorded?
 I have recorded a lot of songs. I am working with a new team and they decide what to do and what to release.
 Will the new team project a new image of you?
 I am still Chidinma and I will always be.
 What will your next album sound like when released later this year?
 I am working in my own style; everything that comes will be inside. Some of the old me will also be in it because some people have said that they missed the old me. I have been asked to switch again and bring on the energy. So, that is why I said everything that comes would be in the album. It is not just going to be a particular kind of style. I can do whatever I want to do with my voice. So, everything is what you are going to get.
Are we going to see any collaboration with a female artiste?
 I hope to work with a female artiste, but I wouldn’t want to mention any name presently.
 How would you describe what you have with Kizz Daniel?
 We are cool.
 Have you recorded your typical kind of song with Kizz Daniel?
 I wouldn’t want to record a song with so much energy like that with him. Miss Kediki wouldn’t happen with him, but we do have a song together.
 Why do you think Kizz Daniel would delete everybody on his Instagram page except you?
 Well, that is his choice and he should answer the question.
 You also cleared your Instagram page, why did you do that?
 It is something that I do occasionally. I clear my page to accommodate new pictures. So, that was what happened.
 Tell us about how you promote your works.
 My style is conservative. If I am not Chidinma the entertainer, I probably won’t be on social media. So, I like to work on a low-key and that is why sometimes you hear that Chidinma is touring here and before you know it, I am somewhere else again.
 Conservative doesn’t explain your heavy social media presence?
 I have found myself where I am, so I do what I have to do.
 You made your movie debut last year; can you tell us about it?
It started when I was approached by Kunle Afolayan. I was really excited because I really love his work. Kunle is a perfectionist, and when I got the call, I could only have said yes.
 Did the storyline matter to you?
 Yeah. I fell in love with the storyline the moment I read it. It was something about tribe, about a Yoruba prince falling in love with an Igbo girl and their parents being against the relationship. It was so much fun. I am Igbo and I also played an Igbo girl in the movie. It was interesting.
 How challenging was it?
 It was fun. Knowing Kunle to be a perfectionist, he gave me a lot of trouble interpreting my role, but in all it was so much fun. The fact that I had seen the situation playing out a lot of times also helped my interpretation of the role. Besides, I just fell in love with the story. I was going through the story and could just see myself in the story.
 Should we expect to see more of you in the movie industry?
Yes. I think that I would love to do more movies. I also did a soundtrack for Omoni Oboli’s movie ‘Wives On Strike”, that was also interesting. Yes, I would love to do more acting.
 What do you have to say on a final note?
 I want to say a big thank you to lovers of Chidinma, for their supports and taking me as I am.

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