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There have been lots of arguments lately on top of the most educated states in Nigeria. However, the South West has been at the top of the list for so long. Surprisingly they have been defeated from that position.
It takes a lot for a state to be educated, the citizens which comprise of students are also going to put in an effort to come out the best for their state to be ranked at the top. It is not a competition, statistics have shown that the top educated states are the educationally advantaged state.TOP 20 MOST EDUCATED STATES IN NIGERIA 2018}
Education is very vital to every human being which requires money, time, energy and other resources. Being educated is not just about going to school, but applying what you have learned in school to the way you handle things in the outside world. Nigeria as a country boasts of some of its educated students far away and near. The South West has been dominating this field ever since in terms of education.

Nigeria is made up of 36 states, each state is populated with a large number of people. Hard-work from the people and also the government is needed to develop the state for a society to function well, the people of that place needs to be educated. Nigeria as a country is lacking in terms of education, but with proper facilities put into place, things will move well. Below is the list of the 20 most educated states in the country.

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