The Chairman of Anambra State Chapter, Comrade Mike Nwachukuwu during the general meeting of the Association on Sunday 24th of June 2018 said it is in the best interest of Ndi Anambra both home and abroad that enough time be given to the okada people, as this is the source of livelihood for many them.

He equally stated that most of them could not afford the N100,000 Which the state government slated for the leasing of the mini shuttle and requested they given from now till December 31st to save up money especially now the country is experiencing economic downturn.
However; Comrade Nwachukwu led his team to an Okada park in Gra, Onitsha metropolis where the entire OMPABN team interacted with some of the motorcycle operators.
He explained that he has used the business to train his children in school, help his aged mother and train his 6children.

He further requested the government to give them enough time to plan out new business model to venture in.
Meanwhile, OMPAN members took turns in interviewing them and some passerby who make use of motorcycle for their daily activities.

Bike Man--  he said I think they should give us from now till January
Emose Tony  who is also a bike man  Also said he entered Onitsha   with nothing so he has to start driving bike and which is the only joy that pays him, that he doesn’t have any other hope which he  pleaded that the Governor should give them more time.  At his age he can lean anything again to train his children

obeta  chvkkemeka  a bike man -- Also said g and pleaded That the government should give them more time so They can organize  themselves .
Nwako  chukwonake According to him he normally work but he also pleaded to his excellence to  give them more time
                Pass by man also said     Obiano should stop the okada people