Comedian Nkem Owoh is a famous actor in Nigeria and many people are interested in knowing more about his family. Does he have a wife and children? Who are his siblings? Learn everything you never knew about Nkem Owoh family.

Nkem Owoh: who is this man?

Currently, it is impossible to imagine Nollywood without the bright and talented actor Nkem Owoh. He has starred in multiple movies starting his career with the series “Things Fall Apart” with Pete Edochie in 1987. Since then, his career went up, and he started getting big roles in Nollywood productions. His comedic talent is appreciated by movie lovers because he always knows what to say in every situation, and this makes his characters alive and hilarious. Wherever he appears, he always makes Nigerians laugh.
Nkem Owoh was born on October 17th, 1960. His birthplace is Enugu State in Nigeria. He pursued his education in Nsukka and then went to the University of Ilorin to get a degree in Electrical Engineering. During his studies, he developed an interest in acting, and his outstanding talent was quickly noticed by the Nollywood producers. The Nigerian movie industry was still being developed, so they really needed someone like Nkem Owoh. Nowadays, he has starred in more than 200 movies and TV productions. He won the “Best Actor” award in 2008.
Now, we will talk about his personal life. How many siblings does the actor have? Is Nkem Owoh married? Does he have children? What are they up to? We have all the answers to the questions that might interest you about Nollywood’s favourite comedian!

Nkem Owoh and family

Even though on the screen Nkem Owoh is a comedic actor, he had a deep trauma in his life that he had to go through. His younger brother Bartholomew Owoh was publicly killed together with two other young men, for a crime related to using forbidden substances, which they did not foresee the death penalty. Nkem Owoh still mourns his brother because he was only 26 years old when he was killed. He says that he will never forgive the government for doing this to his younger brother.
Many people think that Nkem Owoh is married to the famous actress Chinwe Owoh. However, this is a misconception, and they are not husband and wife. According to Nkem, they are in-laws. However, he refused to give a lot of information on their family ties because they want to protect their families from the media attention. This is a respectable decision because media always want to create more rumours.

Nkem Owoh wife and children

It is known that the real wife of Nkem Owoh prefers to stay away from the public attention. Her name is Ngozi Nkem Owoh, and not much is known about her, except the fact that the couple has two beautiful daughters. Nkem and Ngozi got married in 1998, and they are still together and in love. Nkem Owoh wife always supports her husband in whatever he does. As Nkem Owoh says, he travels around the world a lot, but Ngozi is always understanding and sensible towards him. She appreciates that he is the main source of money in the family, and does not mind that he is often away. However, the whole family spends as much time as they can together when Nkem has free time.
As for Nkem Owoh daughters, he kept them away from the media eye for many years. He preferred for them to lead a normal life and not always be in the objectives of the cameras. Therefore, their names and occupations are also unknown to the broad public. However, there was one time when he decided to bring his two daughters along with him to the business event, which was held to renew his endorsement deal with MTN. This caused a lot of surprise among the fans. His daughters looked great, and everyone could make sure that Nkem Owoh and his wife have really good genetics.
Nkem Owoh is an accomplished Nollywood superstar. Whether his daughters decide to become actors like their father or pursue another career, it is up to them.