Famous and wealthy Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji loves to surprise her family. Have you seen the impressive Linda Ikeji house that the blogger decided to present to her father and mother? Yes, you’ve got it right! Linda Ikeji built a house for parents, and you can take a look at this amazing building.

Even though Linda Ikeji house-gift was presented to her parents several years ago, the whole online community enjoyed discussing this incredible kindness. With different images surfacing on the web, the blogger Linda Ikeji couldn’t stay aside. She also talked about the house she built for her parents on her extremely popular blog.

House built for parents

According to Linka Ikeji blog (https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/), the famous woman who has proved that it is possible to earn millions of Naira by blogging on the Internet feels shy talking about the house built for her parents.
The post about Linda Ikeji house was published on her website in 2013. Still, Linda decided to add that publication to her site because others also posted about that house. This decision was taken because people who added comments to Linda’s and others blogs discussed why she could post about different things but didn’t post personal news.
Linda added some interesting details about the house that was meant for her mom and dad. She noted that this private building was located in Imo State. Those of you who enjoy following Linda Ikeji’s posts and updates on social networks and who happen to live in the town of Nkwerre might want to find this place and enjoy the modern look and elegant architecture of the building.
The house has 5 bedrooms, it is a duplex, and it took less than a year to build it. Isn’t it incredible? Linda noted that the place was finished in just seven months!
This was a 2013 Christmas gift, and Linda’s father supervised the whole project and shared some of the images of the incomplete building (at that moment), that still required some gates to outline the territory and other works done.
While the rumors about the house cost aren’t confirmed, there were predictions made by estate agents that the 2-story building’s price could be over 100 million Naira. Linda hasn’t confirmed this information in her blog.

Others gifts for parents

By the way, the impressive two-story house with a big balcony and colonnades in the front is not the only gift Linda’s mother and father received from their outstanding and incredible daughter. We’ve also heard about awesome vehicles presented by Linda to her parents.
For example, Linda’s mom received a shining Acura MDX in 2016.
Look at this nice car: