Election Year is around the corner, Human sacrifices are being offered on daily basis. BE VERY CAREFUL.

Please before you go out every morning, pray in your house for God's guidance and protection, if you come back in the evening, pray and thank God for leading you safely without any harm on your way, for there are many that left in the morning like you but endeavour on the way without coming back home, rather they became a victim of ritual killers and their bodies were slaughtered like a chicken without there people knowing their way about nor seeing their corpse up till now.
This is a true account from an eye witness, who was a victim of "ONE CHANCE BUS" in Aba on her way going to Umu Oba in Abia state but unfortunately was adopted by the one chance ritualist on 17th May 2018 by 1:30 pm in the afternoon but graciously God in His infinite mercy saved her and 6 other victims who were equally adopted with her that same afternoon and they came back on 20th May 2018 after staying in the unknown way about thick forest of these ritual killers for days.
She boarded the bus in Aba in Abia state, thinking it was a genuine transport vehicle, on getting inside the bus, they moved, instead of heading to her expected way, shortly they diverted and moved to another direction, with the young girl screaming and shouting on them, they threatened to strangle her if she did not shut up her mouth, that was when she realised that she was in a deep danger. On looking around she saw other passengers at her back all in deep sleep except her and the able bodied men who were the ritualist awake. That was when she started praying that God should come for a miracle as to save her life. All efforts to wake up the passengers sleeping for them to shout proved abortive as they all have been charmed and don't know what was going on again.
With her alone being awake, she saw their bus heading to a thick bush which she can't recognise the road by which they came from nor the village they are.
Inside the thick forest, they saw a hurt where some people where already sitting on the ground with some men and a lady guarding them with knifes, machetes and guns.
As all of them were ordered to come down, that was when all the others woke up and found themselves in the midst of these ritualist.
All of them came down, and before them, a woman with her son (a little boy) who equally came down with them from the bus was slaughtered immediately after raping her randomly.
On slaughtering her, her parts were removed immediately, her private parts, breast, tongue, kidney, liver, heart and other vital organs were immediately taken away to be supplied to the buyers who were already standing on cue waiting for the human parts they need.
Much to say but a few, on staying there, they came to notice that there were up to 4 or more camps within that thick bush were such things are going on round the clock daily.
The girl was told by the lady ritualist who was there guarding them, that there are 5 buses of such men shuttling around the roads of Aba and environs daily, bringing men, women, boys, girls and children inside the thick bush to be slaughtered. Before her eyes, other people were being brought in even in the mid night.
God in His infinite mercy saved this girl and other 6 victims through the hand of the lady ritualist who pitied her after seeing her condition. The lady ritualist told this young girl that she is into that business just to make good money as there is no job for her in the country. She told the girl that she would save her because of the likeness she has for her, but that would be in the mid night when the men must have gone out to look for more people.
On the mid night of that day (19th May) the ritualist lady led them through the thick forest, with all the injuries they sustained to a point where they saw a tarred road, there the lady told them that she can't go further as she must hurry back to the camp before they come back if not she will be killed. But she told them not to follow the tarred road as any vehicle they might see that mid night belongs to the group of these ritualist, rather she told them to enter the next bush across the road and run inside the bush until they came to the place which shall lead them to Aba central Park. That was how this young girl with the 6 other passengers were saved. PRAISE BE TO GOD.
WARNING : If you are in Aba or any other city, please make sure you go to a certified motor park to board your vehicle. DO NOT ENTER ANY VEHICLE SAYING ONE CHANCE REMAINING, though not all of them are bad, but some of them are very bad. BE VERY CAREFUL WHENEVER YOU ARE TRAVELLING. ELECTION IS AROUND THE CORNER, DON'T BE A VICTIM.
Please share this message to save someone's life. Who knows who is going to be their next victim, but GOD FORBID FOR UNTIMELY DEATH SHALL NOT BE YOUR PORTION IN CHRIST JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN.
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