Ben Bruce, Reno Omokri react To  This Stupid Party APC And The leaders Look At How They Are Exchanging blows At National Convention

ACP at war fooling themselves at National Convention God Please Take away this foolish leaders from Nigeria.
 Look at how this fools are insulting themselves, this people can never give Nigeria Peace. They can never stop fooling themselves.
Senator Ben Bruce and Reno Omokri have reacted to reports some delegates at the national convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) exchanged blows while President Muhammadu Buhari was delivering his speech.
The fight started after a group loyal to Rochas Okorocha, governor of Imo state, arrived at the stand reserved for Imo delegates. Those loyal to Eze Madumere, the deputy governor, were asked to vacate the seats but  Madumere’s faction refused, and this led to a fight as the private security guard of the governor called “Okorocha Good Governance ” descended on members of the group.
In his reaction via Twitter, the lawmaker said it was not possible for APC not have peace amongst themselves, and be able to give Nigeria peace – Adding that they(APC) can not give to others what they do not have themselves.

If they can’t have peace amongst themselves, how can they give Nigeria peace? Can they give to others what they do not have themselves? Good heavens! I thought chairs were meant for sitting, but from what I saw, it seems their own chairs were meant for hitting.

Never before has a ruling party displayed so much aggression at a National Convention. So disgraceful. Chairs were used for HITTING not for SITTING. Hands were used for SLAPPING instead of for SHAKING.And Buhari proudly addressed them as they fought. APC the Pro-aggressive party!