As i approached the house with so much excitement on my face, Suddenly my girlfriend started playing "Assurance" by "Davido".For some weird reason I didn't like the song ,even my male neighbors who heard the song looked at me and whispered amongst themselves "e don be for Fred today,Anita wan collect assurance "they said.

My heart began to beat faster, at that moment all i wanted to do was grab Davido by the scruff of his neck and strangle him to death. I stood there thinking of what to do, I loved Anita with my life but I didn't have the financial balance to proceed with the necessary things. All I had in my hand was the bread and Akara I had bought for the both of us. "so na so I go use loose Anita "I said to myself.
After deliberating with myself and Listening to Anita put the song on replay, I summoned courage and walked into the house with my heart beating faster than someone who's about to steal meat from his mother's pot. I didn't meet her in the sitting room so i assumed she's in the kitchen but she wasn't. I entered my room and met Anita neatly arranging her stuffs into her bag and I just knew she's done for.
I mean she's put up with me for over three years and the highest money i have given her is 20k,we barely went out on dates except with friends and most times they did the spending. Anita often talked about how much she would love a real date with me but it never happened, Even to buy gifts for her was a huge problem
No I'm not stingy or hoarding money,I happened to be the first child and I practically take care of my mother and my two siblings even without having a Job, I thought Anita understood but I guess she's had enough and i don't blame her, i mean who wouldn't want assurance, "God punish Davido"i managed to say Under my breath, I mean, who buys a car worth 45milion naira for a girl he's not married to? This guy has spoilt market for people like us.
"Baby, this one you are packing your stuffs, I hope all is well? " I managed to say. She didn't give me any Answer and I started sweating profusely. Anita respected me to a fault, infact she literally worshipped me but this her silence made my body quiver .I wanted to ask again but the look on her face wouldn't let me.
I handed the bread and Akara to her but she refused.Bread and Akara was her favorite and for her to have refused it, i just knew that the "Assurance" song had changed her taste bud. Even when I managed to taste the Bread myself,it tasted like "Yoyo bitters"in my mouth, nothing was sweet again.
"Fred,go to the sitting room, I will join you when I'm done packing, you and I have some serious issues to talk about"
You know when a woman says we have some issues to talk about it does not end well. I immediately went on my knees and began to apologize to Anita for the many times i didn't take her out,the many times i didn't buy her gifts or did certain things, I promised I was going to change. What surprised me the most was the Fact that the look on her face was as stiff as ever, and it scared me.
After she finished packing, she carried her bag to the sitting room and i sat there still listening to the "Assurance" that was on repeat, I dare not change it, I dare not.
She entered the kitchen and came back with a palatable dish and placed it before me "I want you to eat while i talk" she said.
"But baby, I didn't give you money to prepare anything na, where did you get this from" I said.
"Oga, let's not go into you giving me money. You barely give me anything na so why are you acting surprised" Just eat the food.
That was a subtle shade by Anita, one that entered my skull and gave me instant headache. Out of my foolish pride I told her i wasn't going to eat the food
"Just go ahead and tell me what you want to say"I managed to say.
"Are you sure you don't want to eat first? It's yam and egg sauce oh and there's plenty fish inside "
As inviting as it sounds,I managed to keep my "Long throat"one side and stood my grounds.
"Okay, if you insist,I will just go ahead then. For three years you and I have been dating and you can confirm that i have been faithful to you and also very loyal to you. You make me happy Fred, you make me laugh and forget my pains and worries, With you I can be myself and not have to pretend"
She paused for a while and by this time, my eyes were soaked with tears but i just had to control myself.
"Fred, there comes a time in a woman's life where she needs to think about her future happiness and not just the present. I know you don't have a good job but your hustling spirit is second to none, the way you provide for your siblings and how you take care of your Mum leaves me in awe and I have been wondering what you would do if you had a Job. Fred, i won't lie to you,I have needs too but most times I can't bring myself to tell you because you don't have. Most times when I wear something new, i have to lie to my friends that you bought it for me so they will think my boyfriend is trying "
She stopped again and by this time, i wished i had eaten the food earlier because my appetite had disappeared into thin Air.
"So Fred, I can't do this anymore and I don't want you to feel bad, that's why i have packed my bags and some of your stuffs inside too. I sent your CV and some of your articles to a media firm in Lagos and they sent me a mail back saying you should resume work tomorrow and that an apartment has been reserved for you"
At this point i didn't know what to do, I wanted to faint, i just couldn't believe it. "you are lying right"?
"No babes I'm not, I had to borrow money from my sister to pay for our flight tickets and it's for 11am,You still have two hours to get ready "
I jumped on Anita and hugged her as i cried for over thirty minutes and she cried too. "I got you baby, i got you" she kept saying as tears flowed freely down her cheeks.
We got to Lagos safely and I met my very robust Boss the next day as we had lodged Into a hotel which Anita paid for.
"Your stories and articles are breathtaking Mr Fred and we are so glad to have you on board. I had to convince the CEO to increase your Salary to 400k as against the initial 250k,A Man with your talent is so rare to find these days. Once again welcome " we shook hands and i left to meet Anita at the reception and told her the goodnews.
The Company driver drove us to my luxury home at lekki and I turned around and looked at Anita, she was crying and thanking God for me. She held my hands and began to pray for me and even the driver couldn't help but say Amen to our prayers too.
Two years down the line, salary has doubled, Anita is pregnant with baby number two and I'm building my own house. God Bless Anita, she gave me my own Assurance
#When a Woman sticks with you through the ugly times, don't neglect her when things get rosy..
#There's nothing wrong with helping a Man stand on his feet. If he's reasonable enough, he will never forget it till he dies.
#Apart from your good looks, as a woman what else can you bring to the table!?