"Since the time I discovered how huge the billions the telecommunication entrepreneurs make daily in Nigeria, I have have kept shouting it to our people to embrace telecommunication as huge entrepreneurial platform. My joy is that my office is now creating millionaires in Enugu State and other parts of South East Nigeria through digital skills in partnership with the telecom giants; MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9moblie. I can boldly recommend the newly launched VP SERVICES LIMITED as another powerful telecom business that will create solid and sustainable wealth for our youth. The Yorubas have gone far in this"

When was the company founded(2018)
What are ur products(VTU for airtime, data, cable and online shopping)
Do u hv an office in Nigeria(Yes, in Lagos and Enugu)
Is the company registered with CAC(Yes)
Are u sure this company wont fold up like others(Very sure cos as long as we hv human live we will always need these VTU products)
How do i join your company(Get a link/ username from who told u abt the company and signup)
must i refer before i start making money(No, u can make money from distributing VTU products)
Getting pple is hard, how do i go about it(Not anymore in these days that we have social media platforms)
Why should i target leaders to join me(They have influence on people already)
You said referring people is very good, how please?(The mouth watering compensation plan for referral and VTU bonus is for only those who refer others)
how many people am i expected to directly refer(Maximum of 2)
Can i refer more than 2 people directly (no)
Does spillovers help my down lines(yes)
Is the VTU for all networks(yes it is MTN,GLO,AIRTEL & 9mobile)
How do i sell this VTU(from ur customized VTU wallet)
The monies in my ewallet how do i get it as cash to spend(u can transfer to ur bank everyday,sell to others who need wallet OR sell as VTU)

How do i grow fast( by helping ur down line to grow)
do i pay monthly membership fee (no for now)
Can I get to stage7 fast(YES U CAN....just be passionate abt ur biz)
Do i get bonus from the recharge of airtime from my down lines yes(0.50%) and data(1%) from level 1-2}
Can people outside Nigeria join vpservices(No for now.....Nigerian market is very big and untapped)https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/f10/1/16/1f449_1f3ff.png When i register wit 6k and am given 25% as my registration bonus where will others go to?( to set up ur online office, pay ur up lines and part to company to sustain the company for u)
How does registering more pple help me in VPS( it increases ur chances of having active downlines, grow fast, helps u earn more referral bonuses, and vtu bonuses)