Our friends lost their 25 year old son in a fire at home a few months back.
Their son who had graduated with MBA two weeks earlier, had come home for a while.
He had lunch with his dad at home and decided to go and have a nap in his room.

His father suggested he stayed a few days to spend some time with his mother before going back.
He decided to take a nap while waiting for his mom to come home from work.
Some time later, their neighbors called 999 when they saw black smoke coming out of the house.
Unfortunately, the 25 years old died instantly in the three year old house.
It took several days of thorough investigation to determine the cause of the fire.
Investigation concluded that the fire was caused by a laptop resting on their son's bed".
The cooling fan could not receive air to cool the device...and that caused the fire.
He did not even have the opportunity to attempt to get out of the bed...as he died inhaling the carbon monoxide emitting out of the burning laptop.
I am sharing this to all of you because I have seen many of us; parents, friends and family, brothers and sisters, sons & daughters, especially teenagers using electronic devices while in bed.
Charging our phones, tablets and laptops whilst in bed is rather dangerous.
Let us make it a practice not to leave our devices on our beds, as the risk is real and high.
Let us make it a rule not to use phones, tablets, laptops and all electronic devices on our beds, as it's easy to fall asleep while doing that.
Please educate as many people as possible.
Life is precious...this simple precaution may save lives.