On March 31,1968,there was an ambush at Abagana town in the present Anambra State by Biafran troops led by Major Jonathan Uchendu that wiped out the Nigerian 2 Division.That Nigerian 2 Division under the command of Murtala Mohammed was in a long convoy of about 300 military vehicles heading to Enugu to link up with the Nigerian
1 Division.On this occasion, Murtala Mohammed was baying for blood.He was blood thirsty and had perfected his plans to suck as much Igbo blood as possible.Apart from the 200 military vehicles bearing arms and ammunition,Murtala had in that convoy a trailer load of horse whips.Murtala's intention was to have every Igbo male child from the age of 6 whipped before being shot to death.Don't forget that on October 7,1967 he lined up about a thousand Asaba male indigenes and had them executed and buried in mass graves.Some fathers who came to the 'meeting' with their kids had the kids also shot on the orders of Murtala,but God is never a 'bom boy'.Today Murtala Mohammed has had his generation and lineage closed.Ronke,the Yoruba woman he married gave him only one female child.He never heard the cry of a male child in his home before Buka Suka Dimka's hot bullets rained on his body in a bloody coup as he headed from Dodan Barracks for Moslem Jumat prayers on 13th of February,1976.
During that Abagana ambush,of the 6,000 Nigerian troops only a very small number survived, this included Murtala Muhammed who was the commander of the 2 Division.He was said to have been pursued by Major Jonathan Uchendu to Nanka,but missed capturing the mass murderer by the whiskers as the helicopter in which he escaped took off as Uchendu was arriving there.
Now I want to let us know that there's a significance to the destruction of the Nigerian Army 2 Division.After that heroic ambush by Biafran soldiers,Gowon promptly relieved Murtala of the command of the 2 Division and he was never given any more roles till after the war.This was after Gowon learnt of Murtala's hideous intention to wipe out every Igbo male,after horse whipping and being shot,and the women were to be given to the Hausa/Fulani and 'munchi' soldiers as sport.I want to reveal to you that it was in anger of that that Murtala overthrew Gowon in a palace coup d'tat while he was away in Ethiopia,and it was in retaliation that Middle Belt elements in the Army,led by Dimka, conspired and attempted to take back power and hand back over to Gowon who was then exiled in London.
If Murtala had had his way,the entire generations of the Igbo nation would have been wiped out,but thanks to gallant Biafran soldiers who inadvertently saved us from such fate.Who knows,perhaps the persons that gave birth to you and I would have suffered that fate as Murtala planned.Had that happened none of us would have been on planet earth today.This is one of the major reasons why those heroes that fought the Nigerian aggressors in different fronts must be honoured. Biafra lost 3.5 million people in the genocide that can only be compared to the Jewish pogrom in the hands of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler.The people of Biafra suffered the greatest deprivation ever witnessed in the history of man,and yet without help they fought the British,the Nigerians,The Soviet Union,Egyptian pilots flying Soviet made MIG fighter jets,and strafing markets and hospitals.In fact it seemed then like Biafra fought the whole world. This is why those who fought to keep us alive must be honoured, from Generals Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Phillip Effiong,Madebo,and others such as "Hanibal" Joe Achuzie who died recently,Kaduna Nzeogwu,Tim Onwuatuegwu,Jonathan Uchendu, the millions of children who Nigeria and the British caused their death through starvation and subsequently, kwashiorkor,the great Biafran scientists like Dr.Roy Umenyi,Professor Godian Ezekwe,Professor Frank Ndili,Dr.Ezekiel Izuogu,,Professor P.N Okeke, among others.We would not also forget the thousands of Biafran soldiers who fought gallantly with no other weapon but determination, anchored on self preservation.
We owe them nothing but honour and we can only do that by sitting at home come Wednesday,May 30th.May 30 is Biafra Heroes Day.SIT AT HOME.HONOUR OUR FALLEN HEROES!