The Ghana Meteorological Agencies has predicted heavy downpours with lightning flashes as part of the upcoming long raining season across the African tropical hemispheres, including Nigeria.

It is, therefore, advising the general public to avoid taking shelter under transformers and not to hold metallic objects.
According to the Director of Research at the Agency, Charles York, the rains are expected to start early this year; from April and will last until July.

People should “strengthen exchanges between the agencies for monitoring flood, the reduction of disaster risk and those responsible for humanitarian aid.
*Safety Tips*
*1. Don't use mobile phone when raining.*
*2. Switch off you TV set.*
*3. Avoid holding metallic objects.*
*4. Stay away from transformers and electronic objects.*
*5. Stay away from mirrors and glass objects.*
*6. Don't try to bath during this period of raining.*