On a demonized day in 1968, the Nigerian Military Government under Gowon gathered for a meeting they considered important. Awolowo was the Vice Chairman of that Supreme Military Council that met; able bodied men with blood in their veins and some with wives and children.
What was their agenda? Was it how to build good hospitals or Schools or how to improve education in Northern Nigeria? No, these able bodied men gathered to discuss how to starve children, women and civilians of Biafra to death so that they can have this dysfunctional country called Nigeria. I was barely 4 years old and was to be their direct victim. These blood thirsty men spent more than two hours discussing the benefits of starving millions of children to death and how they would successfully accomplish their evil program. They officially adopted starvation of children, pregnant women and civilian adults as a weapon of war contrary to Geneva Conventions on Wars to which Nigeria was a signatory. With speed, they blocked all avenues of food and medicine supply to Igboland in Biafra.
While they planned and went about implementing their total blockade of Biafra, the United Nations went about their business as if nothing was happening. Blinded by its many Islamic nation membership, the United Nations as usual gathered in their head office in New Yok and to discuss matters more important than the lives of millions of children of Biafra threatened by death through starvation. The Christian Nations of the West headed by Britain, the Islamic Egypt and the atheistic Russia found uncommon unity in the unregulated flow of almost free oil that would come from oil wells owned by the Muslim Northern Nigerians in the lands of the Ijaw, the Ogonis and the Igbo should Biafra fail. They also did not care that those being starved to death were their so called “brothers and sisters in Christ” including “fellow Marxists”. They were all in New York to discuss everything in the world but not Biafra.
But one Jew stood up with his life to challenge the hypocrisy of the world and their silence in the face of genocide. This young Jewish seminarian, Bruce Mayrock set himself on fire in front of the United Nations to force Biafra to be included in the agenda of United Nations and to wake them up from their oil induced slumber. By the time United Nations woke up from its deep sleep, over 1 million Igbo Biafran children has been starved to death. I am one of the survivors.
For Bruce Mayrock, the gallant Jewish man who was willing to give his life for the salvation of his brothers and sisters, I will sit at home on May 30.
For the over 1 Million babies, children and women of Biafra who resisted the silent murderous policy of Gowon and his blood thirsty government, I will stay at home on May 30.
For the over 3.5 million Biafrans who gave their lives to defend our homeland from men whose interest was to overrun us and make us slaves forever, I will sit at Home.
For the millions of innocent babies whose lives were snuffed off before birth, for the gallant kids and women who resisted the agents of death, for the gallant soldiers who paid the ultimate price that we may leave and continue to dream and fight for a just and egalitarian society, for them, I will sit at home on May 30.