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Learn from the mistakes of others: I will not stop posting this

A Family (a man his wife and their baby) who just came back from a dinner out of the house in a restaurant, perceived the smell of gas in the house.

The husband upon entering the house turned on the light to see clearly and immediately there was an explosion that killed the man on the spot. The explosion also affected the wife who is currently in the ICU unit.
The baby, being far from the explosion was saved.
Utensils were found to more than 200 m from the scene of the explosion.
1. When you perceive the smell of gas don't turn on the light by contrast, proceed to open your windows and shutters, gently, so as not to create sparks.
2. Close the bottle of gas. Don't you turn on the light bulbs until you are sure of the dissipation of the smell of gas.
3. Also do not open the fridge or the freezer because it could also create sparks.
4.If you are outside of your house, moisten the key with your saliva before introducing it into the lock.
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God will reward you.

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