Nigerian Big Babe, Chiamaka Obuekwe Announces the End of Her Marriage 3 Months after Luxury Wedding, Says She Almost Committed Suicide: "am beautiful and not overweight. And my husband does not value me so he does not deserve me. He is free to date all the slim and pretty girls now.

I have broken loose from needy validation and depression. I am now Chiamaka not Obuekwe not Ntia. I have no family and friends now except Jesus and social prefect tours. Jesus loves me and I am beautiful and sexy in his eyes.
Please and please everyone should leave me
See God punish society. I have been depressed because of him for sooo long and I have thought of suicide but not anymore. Everyone says be strong. I am ready for peace. I want to be happy and single. I want to breathe.
I am even ready to lose social prefect tours. At least have small money saved and I will go away for a year. At least I would not be worried about dressing up because I am fat and unattractive to a man. Nobody cares. I started gyming because of a man.
Not anymore.
Everyone has failed me. All brands can come and collect their money if they aren’t comfortable. I will be broke and poor in Peace. I am ready to lose it all for peace. I don’t want to add to the suicide statistics like so many women who have gone before me.
If you call me or text I will send a police to you. God bless you.
I am not afraid of death. I am ready for Jesus kingdom. But I don’t want to be married anymore."