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Buhari said He Will Win Election Again In 2019 After Telling The World That Nigeria Youths Are Lazy And Unemployable

President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that he will contest for re-election for the second term and he win again because he is a clean man and not corrupted like other past Nigerians ‎leaders.

Buhari made the statement today in Bauchi while commissioning five hundred tractors and other implements
He said that most Nigerian looters have more than twenty to  thirty houses  but some people in Nigeria cannot afford even a single ‎room to sleep in because of poverty have eaten them up.
According to him, “I don’t have this term of mind to loot the treasury of Nigeria while people are suffering”. Adding that he will fish out looters and cheaters of this country while all the funds recovered from them will remitted in the nation coffers.
Presidents Buhari further encouraged parents to send their children to school to aquire western education saying life would not be goo without education.
He said, “assuming‎ I did not went school I will not be the President of Nigeria today. You should not go school because you want to work but is good to acquire the knowledge for the future and you should not also wait or government. Farmers are the riches people in the country now and that is the main focus of our government”.
He commended Bauchi state Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar for using his bail out funds to clear salaries arrears and regular payment of salaries in the state.
In his his remarks, Bauchi state Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar said that the main objectives of distributing five hundred tractors to farmers was to boost rice and maize production in the state.
He said before Nigerian used to go outside the country to buy rice, but with this farm implements farmers in the no longer suffer setback
Governor Abubakar said that all the farm implements which includes, oxplough, power feller, tractors, grinding machines, water pump machines, mini pick up van, fertilizer, plastic fish pond motorcycles and tricycles would be sold to farmers at a subsidised rate.
He said, unemployed youth in the state would be employ and  train on how to handle some of the machines minor repairs, monitoring and safe guarding the machines.

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