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§  When you are incorporated in business plan and asked not to tell someone else, it is likely to be ‘419’.

§  When business proposal look too real to be true, it is likely to be ‘419’

§  When a business proposal requires you to pay some money in advance for what you have not seen, it is likely to be ‘419’.

§  While working on business plan, if you are under pressure to send your account number, name and signature, it is likely to be ‘419’.

§  When you are promised that your money will be doubled, tripled or quadrupled, such a business is likely to be ‘419’.

§  When any business transaction is introduced to you and you are under pressure to bring money, and warned that you will die if you tell anyone about it, it is definitely ‘419’.

§  When you are coerced into business proposal from any person organization you do not know, the business may be ‘419’.

§  When you are informed that you have a consignment from service organizations you have no dealings with, or have never met, it could be ‘419’.

§  When you contacted with a bill of laden requesting your financial assistance to clear the item from the port, do your investigation thoroughly, it could be a veritable means of fraud.

§  When you are informed that an item is sent to you either from your relation or friend who is based abroad, which involves clearance, be careful, it may be ‘419’.

§  When you enter a taxi and the occupants are involved in discussion and request your contribution or assistance, be careful it may be a ploy to lure you into a ‘419’ business. Part 6

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