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§  Do not offer lift to strangers.

§  Whenever you are drunk, do not drive, as you might not be in control of situations.

§  Do not drive through lonely streets especially at night.

§  Be very careful when trying to assist owners of broken down vehicles. They may be criminals.

§  Be mindful of Policemen, who mount road blocks at dead end of the roads. They could be armed robbers or other criminals.

§  Whenever you park your car, do not leave any hand bag or briefcase conspicuously visible inside the vehicle.

§  Always use your side and rear mirrors when driving to observe the vehicles trailing you. Do this every two or three minutes.

§  Whenever you notice a strange vehicle parked by your house at night, drive past the house. You can park far away to observe what is happening or possibly call your house to know what’s going on.

§  Always use different routes to and from your house. Do not be predictable.

§  Always ensure that your vehicle doors are locked while in traffic jams.

§  Ensure you do not drop off person at the bus stop, if you are not driving a commercial vehicle.

§  Avoid holding any discussions inside a parked car or while the car engine is still on.

§  Always ensure that you do not display your watch and ring by the window of your car, especially in hold up.

§  While driving, avoid the use of GSM or other handsets except with hands-free equipment.

§  Install an antitheft alarm in your car. It is very unsafe to park your car and sit inside.

§  It is very unsafe to park your car and leave your children inside.

Avoid discussions at bus top while sitting inside your car.

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