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If a bus is already carrying two or more passengers who have suspicious looks, avoid boarding such a bus.

§  Whenever any payment to be made to your services rendered, do not accept that such payments be made to you at home. It is always better to accept certified bank drafts or other legal tender at your office.

§  Avoid harboring call girls at your home or office.

§  Do not invite persons you are not too familiar with into your house.

§  Avoid making friends at beer parlours, clubs or at other leisure meetings and places.

§  Women and young ladies should be very careful of the playboys (gigolos) they keep. You should check on their background.

§  “Sugar Daddies” should be careful of the girls they pick up or keep. They could be members of a criminal gang who lure their victims to be robbed.

§  To avoid being robbed, traders and shop owners are advised to close their business premises between the hours of 6.30 to 7.00pm, especially those located insolated areas.

§  At night, when moving around, avoid a group two or more men especially in lonely and quiet streets.

§  To avoid being robbed, use Cheques for your Transactions, especially when it involves large sums of money.

§  Do not stand alone at bus stops in the early hours of the morning and late at night, as it constitutes serious security risk, especially at lonely bus stops.

§  Install alarm devices in your house to assist in detecting unwanted visitors.

§  Ladies should be mindful of the taxis they board, especially “Kabu kabu”, during early and late hours of the day.

§  Whenever you carry bulky brief cases, avoid standing alonr at bus stops.

§  Beware of the way you carry “Ghana Must Go bags, as they are synonymous with cash carrying.

§  Whenever you are required to give your house address on a cash receipt, do not give your residential address. The option of your office address may be better.

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