BEST YOU NEED TO KNOW

 Do not allow your security guard to undertake any trading activities by your gate. Some criminals may carry out surveillance of your house in the guise of patronizing the security man’s shop.

§  Remove any object manual that could aid armed robbers or other criminals in gaining easy access into your house or compound, e.g. Ladder and loose ropes. In fact, do not leave used Ladders, empty drums, broken down chairs etc. near your walls or fence.

§  Do not open your door to unknown persons. Educate your household to do same.

§  Check all your doors and windows to ensure they are properly locked before retiring to bed at night.

§  Ensure that your doors are securely locked when you are inside your house.

§  Do not invite technicians that live around your neighbourhood to undertake any repair works in your house. They maybe dangerous.

§  Person who call at your place in the guise of ensuring payment for utilities like electricity, water bills etc. must show valid identity cards before they are attended to .

§  Do not allow technicians to work in your house without strict supervision.

§  Maintain both day and night security guards in your compound always.

§  whenever you carry any cash or valuables in your bag or the trunk of your car, ensure is not displayed in anyway to public glare.

§  Do not ever be in a hurry to board a bus at the city centre, especially very early in the morning or late in the evenings. Be watchful of the people milling around, they might be armed robbers or other petty criminals.